Care Homes & Home Care

Care home and homecare payroll in the healthcare industry, whether it is a care home, nursing home or care in the community, often have their own complexities.

These include high rates of staff turnover, a mixture of weekly and monthly pay types, varying hours, overtime payments and expense claims.

We have a good working knowledge of the way care homes, nursing homes and private hospitals operate across the UK.

Payroll challenges these businesses have include: –


  • High staff turnover – large numbers of low paid workers often mean a high staff turnover.
  • Foreign workers – dealing with employees from overseas can often cause issues with names, ID and bank accounts
  • Bank staff – often a care homes will have a number of “bank staff” on their books, who only work occasionally giving rise to PAYE complications, employment issues and P45 complications.
  • 4 weekly payroll cycles – This sector often operates in 4 weekly cycles for management reporting purposes, with resulting variable pay dates each month
  • Management information – the profitability of a home depends on monitoring against tight margins. We can assist by providing payroll reports by department and role giving you exactly the payroll information that you need


We provide

  • Designated point of contact:Your named clerk provides truly personal payroll support with assigned deputy for continuous cover
  • Flexible characteristics:Catering for standard and non-standard payrolls, part-Bacs-part-cheque requirements, any frequency, varying pay groups, temporary workers and different rotas
  • Payslip breakdown:Showing shifts, rates, overtime, SMP (for large or small employers), SSP, SPP, expenses including mileage claims, loan re-payments, gross and net amounts, pensionable and non-pensionable earnings
  • Compliance with evolving legislation:Abolition of NI for under 21s, workplace pensions, Employment Allowance NICs contributions savings, etc.… we’ve got it covered!
  • Diary administration:Tracking holidays, sickness, maternity, paternity, shared parental or unpaid leave for any qualifying pattern
  • Optional pension management:Including eligibility assessment, opt-ins and opt-outs, bespoke pension contributions and pension provider data upload according to auto enrolment regulations


Our Payroll services lift the time, expense and burden of processing your own Payroll, to enable you to further concentrate on providing care for your clients. All aspects of payroll are undertaken including year-end returns. The fee is pre-set so there are no nasty surprises. We process weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and monthly payrolls.


We deal with all aspects of PAYE for you, including the complexities of SMP, SSP, Student Loan Repayments, and the forms P45, P46, P35, P14, and P60 etc.

Please contact us for a personal Quotation which could be less than the cost of payroll software alone.

Also being a firm of accountants, we can help you with all your accounting needs as well