CIS Scheme

CIS Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) governs the way in which payments to subcontractors must be handled for tax purposes. The scheme places a number of obligations on employers and contractors, with penalties being charged for failure to comply. Outsourcing Construction Industry Scheme returns to us, will enable your business to stay 100% compliant within the CIS rules.

  • CIS Contractor – We register you with HMRC, (if a new employer) as both an Employer and Contractor.
  • We handle online verification of subcontractors.
  • CIS300 Monthly and the online submission of same. Monthly returns run from 06th of the month to 05th of the following month and are due for payment by the 19th of each month, We can submit payment for you online using your Credit/Debit card details each month over the phone.
  • CIS- CIS deductions are calculated as appropriate and payments can take account of the cost of materials, VAT, CITB Levy, retentions, fees, insurance charges, subs and holiday funds.
  • Produce (where necessary), subcontractor Contractor’s Monthly Return. We will provide Statement of payment for your subcontractors. We can also provide summaries of net pay populated with bank details if required.
  • Paying the- CIS deductions are included on the Employer’s Payment Record (CIS letter).
  • End of Year- End of year returns are no longer required by HMRC for CIS Subcontractors.
  • Deal with queries from employees and HMRC (with your agreement and in consultation with you). Free, unlimited Telephone Support.
  • Ensure you meet all the legal requirements including changes in legislation.
  • CIS Payroll- Maintain your CIS payroll records.

We will remove these burdensome tasks from your business and can undertake the management of the scheme for you, so you don’t have to. We aim to work with you as a partner and will even take care of all your CIS-related Inland Revenue dealings, so you literally can get on with your construction-related works.

Our CIS customers have been benefiting from our services for a long time and we honestly believe that our CIS Services would benefit your business also.

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