Introducing our Payroll Manager


 Our payroll manager has over 17 years’ experience in payroll, with also 2 years management experience in Auto enrolment. Working with one of the first companies to stage, processing and developing the payroll system to provide all necessary reports and checks to fulfil the pension regulators rules and regulations. Processing multiple schemes for over 26000 employees. Producing end to end procedures to put in place, for the processing of the pension schemes.

With experience in local government payrolls (schools and NHS), plus contractor payroll and private sector, including direct payments for the disabled, we believe he is a great addition to our team.



The Benefits to your organisation of outsourcing your payroll are:

  • You know all costs in advance – this makes budgeting simple
  • You save time and money
  • There is no administrative burden that is associated with managing your own payroll
  • You don’t need to worry about changes in payroll legislation and statutory requirements – these are accounted for as part of the outsourced service
  • You avoid dealing with HM Revenue and Customs and other government agencies
  • There are no IT and training costs of running your own payroll department and you don’t have to rely on your IT department for support
  • You have no need for any capital expenditure – no software, hardware, or stationery to buy
  • You don’t require any payroll expertise
  • You avoid the inconveniences and costs of covering payroll staff on leave – either unplanned (sickness) or planned (holiday) leave, can mean you need to organise cover
  • Confidentiality, processing accuracy and meeting payment deadlines are prerequisites of outsourced payroll provision
  • All standard, or company specific reports are designed to meet your organisation’s exact requirements, now and in the future

•         You have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your Payroll is being taken care of by professionals


We understand that employees are the most important asset of your business. So paying them accurately and on time ensures your staffs are both motivated and productive.

We work with you to develop an understanding of your payroll business requirements.

Do you spend more time struggling with legislation and less time moving your business forward?

Outsourcing payroll is the preferred business solution, which will enable you to free up time and focus on the development of your business.

Above all, we are not just a payroll bureau. We are also accountants and tax consultants. We can advise you on how you can minimise your taxes.

As part of our payroll services, we provide the following services.

  1. Registering for Payroll
  2. Processing weekly/monthly payslips for your employees
  3. Dealing with employee leaving and joining (P46, P45s)
  4. Dealing with SSP and SMP
  5. Filing annual employer returns (P35)
  6. Filing P11d
  7. Issuing P60s
  8. Auto enrolment
  9. Plus much more


Our Payroll services lift the time, expense and burden of processing your own Payroll, to enable you to further concentrate on your core business practices. All aspects of payroll are undertaken including year-end returns. The fee is pre-set so there are no nasty surprises. We process weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and monthly payrolls.


We deal with all aspects of PAYE for you, including the complexities of SMP, SSP, Student Loan Repayments, and the forms P45, P46, P35, P14, and P60 etc. The service can also be extended to completion of sub-contractors and contractors end of year returns.

Please contact us for a personal Quotation which could be less than the cost of payroll software alone.