Schools, Colleges & Nurseries

Due to the complexity of school’s payroll, it can be very hard to source an outsourced payroll bureau.

School payroll has become increasingly complex, with a constantly changing legislation and government policy. Once, solely the preserve of the LEA, payroll expertise on school issues is now more widely available.


But let’s be honest, the concept of outsourcing payroll is nothing new for schools. In fact, by contracting out to your Local Authority (LA), you are in effect already outsourcing your school’s payroll, and in some cases your LA may themselves be subcontracting, taking you even further away from control of your payroll.



For years the LA’s have had schools as ‘hostage customers’, but now with more and more schools having full budget share, you can make an alternative choice for your payroll. One that will give you more control over one of the most important and sensitive parts of running your school … paying your staff.


There are specific complexities surrounding school payrolls, that only experienced outsourcers can effectively manage –

Due to our new payroll managers experience we now offer schools colleges and nursery’s a different choice from either using local government payroll or an academies trust payroll


  • Full payroll processed on quick turnaround
  • Reports and payslips for approval before pay date
  • Pay grades and scales
  • Teachers Pensions’ and Local Government Pension Schemes handled
  • All other deductions handled
  • Payments by BACS
  • Monthly school pension reports to your LPA
  • Annual service returns for your pensions
  • Primary and Secondary school payrolls
  • Academy expertise on tap

By using a specialist education payroll provider, you can start to gain back control of your payroll and moving your payroll isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Knowledge of Local government pay scales, teacher’s pay scales, teachers’ pension reporting and local government pension schemes.

If you hold your own budget, we can provide a complete competitively priced solution.

Our Payroll services lift the time, expense and burden of processing your own Payroll, to enable you to further concentrate on Education. All aspects of payroll are undertaken including year-end returns. We process weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and monthly payrolls.


We deal with all aspects of PAYE for you, including the complexities of SMP, SSP, Student Loan Repayments, and the forms P45, P46, P35, P14, and P60 etc.

Also being a firm of accountants, we can help you with all your accounting needs as well.


Please contact us for a personal Quotation which could be less than the cost of payroll software alone.